About Us

NationSwell is a digital media company focused on American innovation and renewal — identifying and profiling social innovators who are developing impactful ways to solve America’s most critical issues.

NationSwell finds inspiration in the people who are rolling up their sleeves and the things they are doing — to drive advancements in education and environmental sustainability; to make government work better for citizens; to engage more people in national service; to support our veterans and their families; to revitalize our economy and advance the American dream; and more.

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Partner With NationSwell

NationSwell Impact Studio: The NationSwell Impact Studio partners with mission-aligned companies and organizations to produce campaigns, content and experiences. Together, we advance solutions that are addressing some of the most important issues facing our country today. Across our digital platform, media partners, and community networks, we ensure these solutions are seen and heard at a national level, generating real impact for our partners and their initiatives.

For more information, contact partners@nationswell.com.